22.07.2016 | European Political Strategy Centre

Sustainability Now!

Report on a "European Vision for Sustainability" published

The European Political Strategy Centre, a subsidiary branch of the European Commision, has published a new report titled "Sustainability Now!". The report authored by Karl Falkenberg, says that while Europe should be applauded for its many achievements, it needs to become aware of the limits of the Blue Planet and of the need for a fair share for all, notably the rapidly growing developing nations and the younger generation.

Europe needs to rediscover social market economy principles, including solidarity, and to match it with planetary boundaries to create an inclusive society for all Europeans. Having achieved peace among the European nations, the European Union must secure economic success, social peace and peace with nature: that is the challenge of sustainability.

The report seeks to assess the stakes, argues for new forms of governance and addresses a limited number of sustainability hotspots.